Our Focus

NextStep Arthropedix and NextStep Extremities are divisions of the Akron-based Theken Companies. Our team is focused on the design and development of orthopedic joint and extremity implants.  The team is taking its knowledge from previous implant development, and intends to improve upon its orthopedic achievements, implementing new technologies to create a lasting impact on lives of our patients and surgeons. 

Our Mission

Founded on the idea of superior innovation, NextStep is a team of entrepreneurs driven by experience. Taking advantage of the latest technologies, we are dissecting every aspect of the design, manufacturing, and surgical processes. Our goal is clear: create revolutionary products surrounded by a foundation of support for both the surgeon and the patient. In an industry where innovation has been achieved through small steps, we strive to make giant leaps.

NextStep Arthropedix's orthopedic implants, instruments and packaging are proudly made in the USA.

Within five years, I intend to be able to make the claim: NextStep is the largest medical device manufacturer producing implant devices, using 3D printing technology.
— Randy Theken, Founder