What is hip replacement surgery?

Hip replacement surgery is intended to relieve hip pain and restore the mechanics and function of your hip. The damaged bone and cartilage are removed and replaced with an implant intended to replicate the natural motion of the hip.

There are four major components of a total hip implant. 


  1. Acetabular Cup "Socket"

  2. Acetabular Liner

  3. Femoral Head "Ball"

  4. Femoral Stem

Why the iNSitu Hip?

The iNSitu Hip System is designed to restore the natural mechanics of the hip, providing stability and range of motion. With a wide range of sizes and options in the system, the iNSitu hip provides your surgeon the flexibility to choose the components that best fit your hip’s anatomy. 

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The titanium acetabular cup is additively manufactured, or 3D printed, allowing for the solid inner core to incorporate an outer porous structure, known as porosiTi™. The shape of this structure closely resembles natural bone, promoting integration of the implant. 


The iNSitu™ acetabular liner is made from a polymer known as α-poly™. The head of the system fits into the socket of the liner to create a joint. α-poly is a medical grade polyethylene polymer blended with Vitamin-E to speed up the recovery process, creating a unique ultra-low wear bearing material.


Both BIOLOX®delta ceramic and cobalt chrome (CoCr) femoral heads are available both are known for their ultra-low wear and superior mechanical properties. Both head designs feature an ultra-smooth surface finish for optimal wear performance.


Forged from a titanium alloy, this unique stem features a quadruple taper geometry designed to restore joint biomechanics.

BIOLOX®delta is a registered trademark of CeramTec GmbH.